fyi Records by enChoice

The simple, secure way to streamline
and manage your open records requests

Ditch Spreadsheets

Ditch the Spreadsheets and Gain
Control of Your FOIA Requests

  • Easily track requests digitally
  • Correspond with requesters online
  • Share records and audit history securely

FYI is the only open records management solution designed for both local and statewide government agencies to securely track all of your open records requests online in one cost-effective, scalable, secure solution.

Cloud Based Management

Secure Collaboration with
Your Constituents

  • Create and view open record requests online
  • Electronically distribute open records to your constituents
  • Highly secure and compliant cloud system

The cloud makes your records requests accessible from anywhere. FYI makes it simple to manage and user-friendly. Plus, all system updates are done automatically so you can take advantage of new features and enhancements as soon as they are available, without your IT staff involvement or any downtime.

FOIA Compliant

Dashboards and Reports Ensure
FOIA Compliance

  • Single online view of open records requests and their status
  • Easily meet FOIA compliance requirements
  • Select and look into requests from your online FYI dashboard

FYI includes the reporting required for government agencies to demonstrate compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. Standard reports are included with FYI and automatically refresh based on user or agency activity.


Request Automation

Automate open records request workflows


Hide sensitive data from documents

Due Date Calculation

Calculation of open records request due dates

Compliance Reporting

Tracking and reporting all records requests to meet Freedom of Information Act

Request Capture

Allows agencies to capture and track requests from email, fax, mail and phone calls.

Quote Estimates

Cost estimates for quoting requests can be configured for your agency

Document Retention

Records are governed by a two-year record retention or longer with on hold status

Switch and Save

Even if you already use an open records management system, FYI could save you time, money and other resources. Some systems are cumbersome, complex and costly and they are not easy to scale as your agency’s needs change. FYI is designed to scale up or down, based on the number of requests you receive.

See how much you can save when you switch!

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